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November 16-18, 2017

Phoenix, Arizona

AU 2017 Convention


Fine birds have been donated to the 2017 Convention Auction for event fundraising.

These generous donors making it possible are listed in alphabetical order.

Zohorovic Ado (Ado Family Loft)
Erio Alvarez
Scott Bennis (Dakota Loft)
Randall Berky
Alex and Cindy Bieche
Steve Cappellini
Crazy Al and Joanie Christeleit
Ken Christopher
​Ken Easley
Lou Coletta
Mike Ganus
Bobby Gonzalez
Andy Guimond
Jones Boys
Duncan Harvey
Brad Hoggan
Steve Mardis (CBS)
Frank McLaughlin
Ed Minvielle
Rick Nanez
Damon Raze (Mystery Loft)
Hernis Rodriguez (Grande Loft)
Manuel Rodriguez (Gallo Loft)
Sal Rodriguez (Sal's Loft)
Sandstrom Brothers
Vin Sciaraffa
Serrao and Bartz
Mike Sherwood
David Trunnell
Kevin Williams (Never Happen & Tim)​​
George Scott


We will post an update to the site when the auction details are ready.